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Break up with your Club Software. Don't worry, we'll help.

You don’t have to settle.


If you’ve been through a website development project for your club, I can probably guess what you experienced. I’ll bet you were forced to choose from a few pre-made templates when designing your website. I’m sure your software company had a great initial presentation, offering “the best” of everything you could possibly need, yet they refuse to customize their system based on your club’s unique needs. I’ll bet making changes to your website yourself is daunting and it takes them forever to do it for you. Your system is probably loved by one department, but hated by most others. A lot of your scheduling, booking, and methods of communicating with your members are most likely ancient, manual, inefficient ones that are costing you time, money, and maybe even memberships. I bet your members rarely engage with your website and expect you to hand-feed them information. Sound familiar? Yeah, I know, we see it all the time.

Design wise, aside from photos and text, does your club’s website look like every other club using your same website and software provider? Shouldn’t your website and software look and work in a way that is customized to your club? There-there, fellow club folk! You don’t have to settle. There is a way to break free from this digital prison and open your doors to a new world of possibilities.

"Everything under one roof " is not always the best policy.

But, it takes commitment, courage, and a willingness for change to move to a better solution. It’s no small task to switch away from a legacy system that works, but works just “okay”. But trust me, it’s so worth it to make your job easier to do, more exciting, and ultimately make your club better for your members. How, you ask? The most-logical route is to find the best software solution for each of your club’s needs, customize it, and integrate them all with each other. “What!? I don’t have time for that” you say. Lucky for you, we’ve already done the legwork.

ClubLISI has spent years researching and collaborating with a team of extraordinary third-party platforms, all devoted and focused on their specialty, flexible, open-minded, customizable, and all the absolute best at what they do. ClubLISI specializes in websites, content management systems, and communications. Our partners specialize in world-class club apps, membership management platforms and CRM, POS, reservations, and t-sheet systems. The best part? All our systems talk to each other, we all cooperate with each other, and we all offer full customization and ongoing client support to rival anyone in the hospitality industry.

But we don’t stop there. Want to keep some of your existing platforms? We’ll work with them too – if they’re willing, we’re willing. If they’re not, we’ll always play nice and do our best to make working around their shortcomings as efficient as possible so you can keep using what you love and keep your staff happy.

Honestly, you deserve better.