In our experience, the answer is NO. This is most likely your experience as well - which is why you're here, and we are so happy you are! We are expert digital curators and artisans who seek to discover, partner with, bring to our clients, and provide seamless access to the best platform for every service in an open, growing environment.

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We like to consider ClubLISI "le jardin" of the hospitality world - where there's a fertile foundation, yet always room for cultivation and growth. Other digital membership companies will boast that they provide one platform for everything you'll need under one roof, and they do! However,

Le Jardin

{ Jar · den } French

from old french. a rich and enclosed well-cultivated area

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As your digital problem solvers and innovators, we'll make it so you can
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Union League, and other prestigious private-members clubs, providing him with first-hand knowledge of the hospitality industry from a unique member's perspective.

His vast web development experience has given him the knowledge necessary to direct the ClubLISI team in producing the best results for unique clubs and their memberships. 

Jason has carefully curated a ClubLISI team that together bring a comprehensive expertise of the world of hospitality.

Jason founded ClubLISI after his first company, LegaLISI (one of the leading web development agencies in law firm marketing) was awarded the Union League of Philadelphia project in 2005. As a former practicing lawyer, and original member of the Villanova Center for Informational Law and Policy since 1992, Jason has been involved with websites and internet marketing since the debut of those terms. He is also a member of the

Founder & President

Jason P. Lisi




The Profiles







Cove where she successfully led a website and club systems overhaul, a complete rebranding of their digital and print communications, the introduction and maintenance of club social media, and the development of their club mobile app.

Arielle has also directed similar projects for other members-only clubs, various fashion and beauty retail companies, and independent service providers from many different industries. She holds a bachelor's degree in communications with an emphasis on film and photography from California State University, Los Angeles.

Arielle is ClubLISI’s Project Director, managing the website build process from start to finish. She not only coordinates all aspects of website/module design and development, but also provides operations consultation and a plethora of creative services, including branding, digital and print marketing design, professional photography, and social media. Arielle joined ClubLISI after serving as the Project Director for The Club at Admirals

Director of Project Development

Arielle Warren



Dario Mavilia

Lead Engineer

Jonathan Garber

Technical Project Manager


Makana Edwards


Gabriel ortolaza


Lesley MacLean

The Avengers

Avenging mis-treated clubs one line of code at a time.


conrado jÚlia

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